From the recording One Long Skid-Vol. 2

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CLOUD AND A DEED-words and music Jon Clark
© Copyright 2014 Row North Music (ASCAP)

Why in your sleep do you smile if you know
Dreams from the fire and the ashes of snow
Show me the place, I’d like to be
Closing my eyes, so I can see

Here in my hand spiral airs to receive
Touching my breath with a cloud and a deed
Change what you know, hear not a sound
Talk to the fool, when he’s not around

Shadows of fate mirror darkness and birth
Losing the ground only finding the earth
Buy me the space, rent me the air
Drifting above, where I did care

Questions deny hardly seems like it’s not
Riddles I know many tales I forgot
Bring but a child, give what you know
Talk to the man, all fools must go