From the recording One Long Skid-Vol 1

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WHAT'S ONE MORE-words and music-Jon Clark
© Copyright 2011 Row North Music (ASCAP)

More or less fine…
cold hard bed, my eyes won't close
one more summer, brings me home…brings me home
wishing time, just finds the way…just finds the way
to return, and see your smile…and see your smile
will the garden, be as bright…be as bright

More or less fine…
beggar's bridge, don't look so good
seen too many, shoes that fall, shoes that fall
empty darkness, takes you in…it takes you in
light a smoke, and turn away…just turn away
may the fog, help cover up…help cover up

More or less fine…
just this note, to ease your thoughts
a hundred stories, I won't tell…no I won't tell
left unsaid, turn off the light…turn off the light
no one's home, so let's move on…so let's move on
capt'n says, "now clean em out"… now clean em out

More or less fine…
what's one more, no one will count
In my head, just had a thought…just had a thought
It's your number, should I call…should I call
take a message, no one's here…no one's here
never mind, I'll see you then… I'll see you then